The Warriors' Territory

Happy Holidays! Leafbare is here, with snowstorms and more!

Welcome to the Forest...

Here in our website, you can experience the thrill of being a warrior for yourself! First, read the rules page, then pick a clan that you want to be a part of, then you can register and post your cat on the "Cat Applications" page, using the application found on the rules page.



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General News:

  • There is now a Pictures and Videos site, made exclusively for members of this site. There is also a warrior cat/dog pack generator as well.
  • The MOTM (Member of the Month) for February may be chosen soon.
  • Please enter the important Contest; the plot if you want!


Clan News:


~Welcome to all new cats who are now in a Clan, are a loner/rogue, or kittypet.

~It's now Leafbare in the Clans! Prepare for snow and large blizzards!

~There will be a Gathering soon, on March 21st!



~Welcome SkyClan's newest apprentices and warriors!

~Leafdapple is the new deputy, and Sharpheart is to be leader.

~ Dogs have attacked! Sadly, Wildclaw, Pinestripe, Poppypelt, and Tigerfang, have all died.




~Welcome RainClan's newest apprentices and warriors!

~Flameheart has recieved his full medicine cat name!

~Icicleshard, Yarrowfang, Dovefeather, and Spirit are going to see if RainClan can move back to their camp after hawks attacked, and killed several warriors.



~Spadeheart is the new deputy!

~It seems that some LightningClan cats have been meeting with LeafClan cats....

~Kitewind and Larchbranch have had their kits; Sprucekit, Alderkit, and Aspenkit!




~BloodClan has left LeafClan mainly in charge for now after having complete control of them from before.

~Flood and Kiki have come to visit with Swirlfire, the Medicine Cat Apprentice! 

~Cloudystar and Graypad had their last litter of kits! Say 'hi' to Waterkit, Sootkit, Mousekit, and Duskykit!

~Duskkit has escaped from camp! He is returning back there now, however.


~Dewpetal is to be the new leader, and Blossomthorn the deputy. Lightheart is the new Medicine Cat.

~Adderpaw and Sprintfoot died by being attacked by dogs.

~Welcome new warriors and apprentices!


~Wolfstar thanks PineClan for fostering their clan while their camp was burning, and have returned to their rightful territory.

~Another bird named Tufti has joined Junco and Feebee.

~A cat named Spiritedheart has come to join the Clan, suspiciously.

~Tanheart is acting as leader, and Hollyscreech as deputy; welcome new warriors and apprentice!



~A snake has attacked again! Cleareyes died, sadly.

~PineClan is currently busy with patrols and more.

~A flying squirrel has been found by Olivestripe!

~LeafClan has come to visit, having been sent by Cloudystar to talk to Ripplestar.



~Congratulations to the new warriors!

~Firestar and Miststrike had kits! Welcome Nightkit, Prowlkit, Autumnkit, and Songkit!

~Shardflame is the new deputy, and Snowbreeze the Medicine Cat.



 ~Sproutpaw is a new Medicine Cat apprentice!

~Lakebreeze will become leader, and Whitesky the deputy!

~Ospreyflight, of LightningClan, is visiting once more.

~Hello new apprentices to the Clan!

~Duskkit is now leaving, heading with the cats going to the Gathering.



~New warriors are now here!

~Lizardpaw might become a secret rank that only the first DesertClan cats know about.

~A coyote has been heard! Be prepared, DesertClan!


Wild Cats:

.~Rough Breeze and Splashmoon are the new leaders!

~Splashmoon has had cubs!


---Warrior, Cat of the Week!! ---

 This week's WOTW is...Firestar!


  • Firestar, of AutumnClan, founded the Clan with his sister Spiritsoul. He was born as a loner, Firefly, to Autumn and Moon. He visited RainClan as a kit, and found out that he was Nightstar, the leader at the time,'s grandkit! A kit named Hailkit came over when he was there with another one, named Wolfkit; and Firefly and Hailkit started to argue, since Hailkit was playing too rough with another kit. Though it doesn't seem like much; since then, Firestar has always been angry and Hailslash; for several reasons, though.  


(A warrior/cat is selected every week, and you too can have one of your cats featured on the front page!)



(The maps are currently awaiting to be put up again, for now, feel free to think about how the territories might look.)


Original three-Clan and LeafClan Map:




PineClan Territory Map:



 PineClan Camp Map:




Wild Cat Territory Map: